On January 31, 2004 partnerjuarez.com migrated from Redhat Linux 9 to Fedora Core with NO Down Time. If your firm is interested in web service migration activities contact us at jjuarez@partnerjuarez.com


Red Hat Linux Migration Resource Center

Red Hat Linux maintenance and errata support is ending April 30, 2004. Why? And what are your migration options?

A few years ago there was just one Red Hat Linux. As acceptance grew and Linux reached further into enterprise computing, one Red Hat Linux product could no longer be all things to all users. That's why in 2002 Red Hat created what's now known as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Stable, supported, certified--Red Hat Enterprise Linux has become the corporate Linux standard.

The Fedora Project was introduced in late 2003. Built for and with the help of the open source community, the Fedora Project is for developers and early high-tech enthusiasts using Linux in non-critical computing environments.

Which Linux is right for you? We built the Red Hat Linux Migration Resource Center to help you find the Red Hat solution best suited for your needs...

Step 1: Understand your options

What are the differences between Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Fedora Project? And, how do they differ from the Red Hat Linux you've been using for years?

Step 2: Make your choice

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

If you require a reliable, secure, high-performance platform designed for today's business environment, then the next step is to choose the Red Hat Enterprise Linux version for your specific workloads and usage.

The Fedora Project

If your interest in Red Hat Linux is to interact with the Linux community and contribute to the development of a general purpose operating system from free software, then the Fedora Project is for you.

Learn more about the goals, the process, and to get the Fedora Core code. Visit the Fedora Project web site today.

Step 3: Make the move to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

partnerjuarez wants to ensure your move to Red Hat Linux is seamless. We have the resources you need to make the move.

Migration resources are available from jjuarez@partnerjuarez.com


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